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Accommodation at Jesus College is amongst the best in Oxford, and very popular with our students.

All our undergraduates are able to live in College accommodation throughout their time in Oxford if they choose to do so. We also provide College accommodation for most of our postgraduates. Scroll down the page for more information on the types of accommodation we provide, costs and leases.

Our accommodation is set across three city locations. In College, we house all first-year undergraduates during term, and many first-year postgraduates throughout the year. The rooms range in date from the 17th – 21st century, but are all equipped and maintained to the same high standards.

A student room on Staircase XX, which overlooks Cornmarket Street


We also have accommodation (as well as teaching and lecture space) at the Ship Street Centre, adjacent to the College, and graduate accommodation in four historic houses along Ship Street.

The entrance to our Ship Street Centre accommodation, just a brief walk from College.


A single postgraduate room in one of our historic Ship Street houses.


After their first year, the majority of students move into blocks of College flats, sharing in groups of three or four. Within a flat, students have a study bedroom each and share a living area, kitchen, and one or two bathrooms. The flats are situated in two locations: in North Oxford, 1km from the College and close to the University science area; and in East Oxford, just under 3km from College, next to our sports ground. At the East Oxford site, we have a block of one-bedroom flats principally intended for students who are married or with established partners.

College flats in Herbert Close, East Oxford


In late 2022, we will open a brand new building on the College’s main site. The Cheng Yu Tung Building will increase our accommodation capacity for postgraduates in the city centre and provide easy access to both College and University facilities. Information on accommodation in the Cheng Yu Tung Building will be made available as soon as possible.


A postgraduate room in our new Cheng Yu Tung Building.

Click on the links below for more information about our accommodation, and to view a range of images of our rooms.

The current (2021/22) lease arrangements and costs for College rooms for undergraduate and graduate students are set out below. Rooms are allocated according to the Undergraduate and Graduate Accommodation Allocation Policies.

Rooms on the central College site, including Ship Street 

Rent for the 2021/22 academic year for the College site, including the Ship Street Centre, is £25.35 per night, inclusive of all utilities and cleaning. For the Ship Street houses it is £24.98 per night.

There are a few small rooms, ranging from 7m² to 10.99m², in the Ship Street houses which are charged at £21.47 per night.

Undergraduate term-time room agreements run from the Monday before the start of each of the three full terms to the Saturday of the 8th week (last day) of each term. Rent is payable for the whole of each of these three periods of eight weeks and five days.

Periods outside of term-time may be booked with the Accommodation Office. We endeavour not to disturb students if at all possible. However, as maintenance work is undertaken during the summer vacation, an alternative room/location may be offered. Rent is payable for each extra day the room is retained.

Nine or twelve month contracts may be available for graduate students at the Ship Street Centre.

Rooms in the Cheng Yu Tung Building (Graduate Freshers only)

Rooms in the Cheng Building are charged at £25.75 per night, inclusive of utilities and cleaning.

Flats for couples at the East Oxford site

Rent for the 2021/22 academic year is £35.03 per night, including water rates. Other utility bills are in addition.

Liability for Council Tax is dependent on the status of the occupants, but, if it is due, it is their responsibility.

The standard flat lease runs from the Monday of week 0, before the start of Michaelmas term to Sunday of week 10 of Trinity term (approximately 40 weeks). Flexible leases, with start and/or end dates outside of these periods, are possible subject to availability and the agreement of the Accommodation Services Manager.

The rooms in College vary in size and aspect. The College buildings date from the 17th century onwards, with the most recent addition, the Cheng Yu Tung Building, opening in 2022. The Cheng Building is our centrally-located dedicated en-suite accommodation for graduate freshers. All rooms are regularly refurbished to a high standard.


A single room in Staircase XIX.


In Second Quad, the rooms are ‘double sets’: a shared living room with separate bedrooms. Each student has their own working area in the living room.

The living room/study space in a double set on Staircase XIII

A bedroom in the double set accommodation on Staircase XIII


In Third Quad, rooms are single bedroom/studies with washbasins, furnished with a single bed, a desk, chairs, drawers and a wardrobe.

A 3rd Quad single bedroom, complete with study area


Many of our rooms have beautiful views out over the College and historic parts of the city.


About 25% of the undergraduate rooms on the main site have en-suite facilities (priority will be given to those with medical needs).

The remaining rooms on the central site have shared bathroom facilities on each staircase. These rooms have a basin in the room.  Staircases are mixed-sex, except where baths or showers do not have separate access. The College guarantees students sharing a set will be of the same sex.

The study area in a cosy top floor room in 2nd Quad

An undergraduate room in our 3rd Quad accommodation.

There are four 17th and 18th century houses in Ship Street, built around the old city wall, giving a total of 50 single occupancy rooms. This charmingly historical accommodation offers approximately one bathroom per three student rooms and one kitchen per house.


A bedroom in one of our Ship Street houses


Many of our Ship Street rooms have original features such as fireplaces and sash windows.


In autumn 2010 the Ship Street Centre was opened, in a converted Victorian warehouse, which provides 31 en-suite rooms for undergraduate Freshers.

The Ship Street Centre, which opened in 2010, provides 31 en-suite rooms for undergraduate Freshers.


Meals are available in the College dining hall during term-time and during most of the vacations. There are no kitchen facilities available for undergraduate use on the central site or in the Ship Street Centre.

Bedding and towels are not provided. Pre-paid card operated laundry facilities are available on main College site. All rooms have free Wi-Fi connection to the College and University computer networks.

Please note that there are locked bicycle sheds but no parking for cars available on the main College site or Ship Street.

The reception area of the Ship Street Centre, with the old city wall on view.

There is additional accommodation for fee-paying students in quality College flats on two annexe sites in the city:

East Oxford site

The East Oxford site is less than 3 km from the central College site and next to the College’s Sports Ground. These are self-contained, self-catering flats with 3 or 4 bedrooms, an open plan living/dining room and kitchen, and a bathroom/toilet. All residents have use of the large gardens at the site.


The living/dining area in Leoline Jenkins House, East Oxford



A kitchen in our Hazel Court accommodation.


A kitchen in our Hugh Price House accommodation

Flats for established couples at the East Oxford site

The College has 11 one-bedroom flats for established couples in a dedicated block (Thelwall House). These are available to students who are in an established relationship. The flats comprise an entrance hall, an open plan living room/dining room with a fully fitted kitchen off, a double bedroom, a small study and a bathroom/toilet. Application for the flats is open to students in any year whilst they are paying fees.

Thelwall House

North Oxford site

The North Oxford site is situated about 1 km from the central College site, near to the University Science Area. The flats comprise three single bedrooms, a bathroom/WC and a kitchen/dining room. There is also a conservatory for the use of residents, and a large garden area to the rear of the flats.


Our Woodstock Road flats are located in the north of Oxford, just 1km from College


Our student accommodation in Stevens Close, North Oxford

A bright and airy living room space in one of our Stevens Close flats.



An example of a bedroom in one of our Stevens Close flats.

General information for all flats at the Annexe sites

All flats are fully furnished with electric cookers and refrigerators, but students must provide their own cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery. Bedding and towels are not provided. Basic cleaning equipment is provided in each flat/house, and there are communal vacuum cleaners in each block. Each site has a laundry, with Laundry Card operated automatic washing machines and tumble dryers. Laundry Cards are obtainable from the Lodge.  The laundries also have an iron and ironing board which can be used free of charge.

All flats have free WiFi access to the College and University computer networks. Televisions are not provided, and students wishing to bring their own will need a valid television licence.  Please be aware that streaming live content on laptops or personal computers also requires the acquisition of a TV licence.

There are regular bus services from both sites, to and from the city centre, and many students choose to cycle to College. There are locked bicycle sheds at both sites. Limited car parking is available at both sites, but parking permits must be displayed. Due to restrictions on space only one car per flat is allowed a permanent permit, which gives permission to park on site but does not guarantee a space.

We regret that we are unable to accommodate children in any of our properties, as we have no accommodation suitable for families. Please note that the keeping of animals and other pets is not allowed.