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From Chemistry and Geography to Medicine and PPE, Jesus College offers a wide range of subjects for undergraduate study. Many of our Tutorial Fellows and Lecturers are world-class researchers in their own right, but all of them greatly enjoy teaching.

We accept applications for all the courses listed below. Please click on the subject you are interested in, and you’ll find lots of information about the course, its Tutorial Fellows and Lecturers, and details of the admissions process. We’ve also included information on the opportunities for postgraduate studies and careers in each subject.

If you have any questions about undergraduate studies at Jesus College, please do get in touch.

Classics and English
Classics and Modern Languages
Computer Science
Computer Science and Philosophy
Economics and Management
Engineering Science (including all branches)
English and Modern Languages
English Language and Literature
European and Middle Eastern Languages
History and Economics
History and English
History and Modern Languages
History and Politics
Mathematics and Computer Science
Mathematics and Philosophy
Mathematics and Statistics
Modern Languages and Linguistics
Modern Languages (including French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish)

Philosophy and Modern Languages
Philosophy and Theology
Politics Philosophy and Economics (PPE)
Psychology (Experimental)
Psychology Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL)