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The costs of study at Oxford fall into two principal categories: annual course fees and living and other expenses (often referred to as maintenance expenses).

All students holding an offer of a place will be required to give a financial declaration to their College in advance of the start of their course, to show that they have sufficient financial resources to cover their period of study at Oxford.

The following information on graduate fees and expenses is provided for guidance only. Please note that it is likely that course fees, and College accommodation charges, will rise at or above the level of inflation each year.

The level of fees charged depends on the course a student is taking, and for course fees only, whether the student is:

  • from the British Isles – “home” students, or
  • from outside the British Isles – “overseas students”.

If you are unsure of your fee status, further information can be found here.

Course fees are fixed for each year, and are subject to variation between one year and the next. Students are liable to pay course fees for each term of any course (whether taught or research) they undertake. These fees are due either until the course has been completed, or for a prescribed maximum number of terms. There will be fee liability whether or not they are working in Oxford for that term. Although liability is incurred on a termly basis, students may be required to pay a full year’s fees in advance.

Information on the length of fee liability for the various types of course can also be found on the Fee liability section of the University website.

Information on the latest Course fees for graduate students is available on the Fees and Funding page of the University website.

There are statutory residence requirements for each degree, though dispensation may be granted in certain circumstances. Statutory residence is the time kept after matriculation as a member of a College paying Course fees and following a course leading to a degree of the University.

Full details of the residence and fee requirements for all courses are given in the University of Oxford Examination Regulations.

Course fees are subject to an annual inflationary increase. Details can be found on the University’s website.

As well as allowing for Annual Course fees, prospective students must budget for living expenses while at Oxford. These vary according to individual needs and tastes.

The living costs for a graduate student at Oxford living in college accommodation or a share house in Oxford varies according to the length of the course. A breakdown of these costs can be found on the Graduate Living Costs page of the University’s website.

Jesus College provides accommodation for the majority of its graduates. For further information, see the Accommodation section. Please be aware that private rented accommodation in Oxford is more expensive than in many other British cities, particularly for students with partners or families.

In addition to ordinary living expenses, students need to take account of the cost of food, clothing, other personal requirements, books, stationery, any special equipment, travel to and from Oxford, thesis preparation in appropriate cases, and any research expenses (e.g. fieldwork or travel).

Please see the Hall and Meals section for details of the prices currently charged for food in the College Hall and the Hall Charge which is made to contribute to overheads for meal service in Hall.

It must also be borne in mind that all costs are liable to rise in line with inflation. Students from other countries should also allow, as regards their whole budget, for the possibility of fluctuations in exchange rates.

All students holding an offer of a place for postgraduate study will be required to provide a financial declaration to their College in advance of the start of their course, to  demonstrate that they are aware of the expected fees and living costs associated with their course. Any student unable to pay their fees and living costs will not normally be permitted to continue their studies.

Students must be aware that if their funding situation changes, they will be personally liable for any outstanding fees to the end of the period of fee liability. For further information see the University’s Financial Declaration page.

Scholarships and funding available at Jesus College can be found here.

To find out more about the scholarships available at Oxford, and how to apply for scholarships which require applications, please use the Fees, funding and scholarships search.