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Cheng Kar Shun Digital Hub

Welcome to the Cheng Kar Shun Digital Hub at Jesus College

The Digital Hub is an exciting new physical and virtual space in the centre of Oxford, bringing together the brightest minds and the curious. 

Through a wide range of interactive events, talks, workshops and performances led by our researchers and collaborators, we aim to demystify the digital age, help you to learn new digital skills and shine a light on how advances in digital technologies are transforming our understanding of the world around us.

The Hub also champions the power of collective endeavour by enabling our academics at all stages of their career to study using innovative digital tools and methodologies, and to work in collaboration across disciplines, institutes and time zones on research that has a global impact.

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Transforming how we see and understand the world in the digital age

Our unique Digital Hub programmes will include events that investigate the past using the latest digital technologies, explore what it means to be human in today’s digital world, and enable you to step in to the future with activities on topics as diverse as climate change, AI and healthcare. Our three core themes are:




The Digital Hub public events programme will launch in Trinity term 2022. 

Introducing the Cheng Kar Shun Digital Hub

A 21st century building for a future-facing College 

Our team

The Digital Hub programme is being developed and delivered by the Fellows, students and staff of Jesus College, in collaboration with a wide range of partners across the University of Oxford, the city and beyond.

This work is led by Dr Janina Schupp, the SOUTHWORKS Career Development Fellow for the Digital Hub. Our Digital Hub Student Committee, comprising both undergraduate and graduate students, is also deeply involved in creating and delivering Hub events for a wide range of audiences.


Some of the members of our Digital Hub Student Committee. Image credit: Frank Fu

Virtual Hub

The Virtual Hub will provide a range of digital resources linked to our academic research and events programmes. From online exhibitions and videos, to research support materials and downloadable schools activity packs, the Virtual Hub will enable you to explore the digital world in your own time, and enrich learning for everyone.

The Virtual Hub will launch in the academic year 2022/23.

Latest news

Keep update on all the latest news of Digital Hub activities by following us on the Jesus College social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.