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450th Anniversary Fund

In 2021, Jesus celebrates its 450th year as an Oxford college. Times may have changed since our first students crossed the Turl Street threshold, but our forward-looking educational mission has not.

By making a gift to the 450th Anniversary Fund, you will be helping to us write the next chapter of our College history, as well as supporting the current and future students, academics researchers that continue to make Jesus such a remarkable place to study, live and learn. All 450th Anniversary Fund gifts go towards our priorities: the new Northgate Building; Bursaries and Studentships; and Access and Outreach, and will have a tangible benefit to the future of learning at Jesus and the positive impact our people will have on the world when they leave College. Gifts of any size, when added together, will have a tremendous impact on what we can achieve.


The Northgate Building

The development of the Northgate site on Cornmarket Street will be the College’s biggest physical change since its early history.  Making a gift to the 450th Anniversary Fund includes contributing to the fabric and environment of this transformative academic and living space at Jesus. Watch the film below to learn more about our Northgate development.


Bursaries and Studentships

“I am grateful for the education and opportunities Jesus gave me and am delighted to help it continue to do that for today’s students”

David Stephen (1980, Zoology)

Making a gift to the 450th Anniversary Fund includes contributing to undergraduate bursaries and post-graduate studentships, to ensure that the academically-gifted young people who have secured a place at Jesus are never deterred from taking up this fantastic opportunity by financial concerns. Our aim is to ensure that ability to pay is not a barrier to our students receiving the highest-quality education at any stage of their degree.


Access and Outreach

Jesus College has been pioneering in its access and outreach efforts – reaching out to schools and communities where pupils might not otherwise be encouraged to aim for Oxford. The young people we work with in our access programmes mostly come from South London, Wales and Oxfordshire.

Making a gift to the 450th Anniversary Fund includes contributing towards our ability to bring school students to College to give them a flavour of life at Oxford, to show them what is possible, and give them the skills and confidence to apply. It also enables us to work directly with schools in underserved and disadvantaged communities, to raise levels of aspiration and support those with academic talent to access the educational opportunities available to them.


Impact of Access and Outreach programmes

From taster days and summer schools to essay competitions and in-school visits, we offer and support an extensive range of school visits, outreach programmes and activities for prospective students from non-selective state schools and under-represented groups. In this video, find out about the impact of our Access and Outreach programmes.

While our main focus is working with pupils in Year 9 and above, we’re keen to develop and build our engagement with younger pupils too. Click on the video below to see how an example of a primary school outreach visit to Jesus College.