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Throughout the year we produce a range of communications via email, print, or on our social media channels that regularly update you on the latest alumni newsevents listings, campaigns and other happenings at College. Please see below a list of our publications.

We encourage you to keep in touch, so please ensure your postal and email addresses are kept up to date. If you are not receiving any of the below publications, please ensure your communication preferences reflect your current wishes. Please also note that our emails have a convenient one-click unsubscribe button, and all your communication preferences can be fully customised online.

You can now change communication preferences online. Alternatively, you can email us at listing which of the below communications you would like to subscribe to.


Email Newsletters & Print Publications

We have missed not being able to welcome alumni physically back to Jesus this year and we hope this series helps you feel closer to College until we can celebrate together again. This termly publication will give you the inside scoop of what has been happening at Jesus, plus forthcoming events for your diary. Enjoy!

Previous issues:

Hilary Issue, 23 February 2021
Michaelmas Issue, 20 November 2020

Jesus College Record Bulletin brings to you the latest news from the College community and alumni. This newsletter is published in the first week of every month and distributed via email.

Previous issues:

Issue no 39 – May 2021
Issue no 38 – Apr 2021
Issue No 37 – Mar 2021
Issue No 36 – Feb 2021
Issue No 35 – Dec 2020/Jan 2021
Issue No 34 – Nov 2020
Issue No 33 – Oct 2020
Issue No 32 – Sept 2020
Issue No 31 – Jul/Aug 2020

This is a new fortnightly newsletter introduced in summer 2020 for alumni who do not wish to follow social media channels but are still interested in the content the College shares on these platforms. In the Loop brings to you highlights from our social media channels available by subscription only and is delivered via email.

Previous issues:

Issue #25, 22 May 2021
Issue #24, 8 May 2021
Issue #23, 24 April 2021
Issue #22, 10 April 2021
Issue #21, 27 Mar 2021
Issue #20, 13 March 2021
Issue #19, 27 February 2021
Issue #18, 13 February 2021
Issue #17, 20 January 2021
Issue #16, 16 January 2021
Issue #15, 12 December 2020
Issue #14, 28 November 2020
Issue #13, 14 November 2020
Issue #12, 31 October 2020
Issue #11, 17 October 2020
Issue #10, 3 October 2020
Issue #9, 19 September 2020
Issue #8, 5 September 2020
Issue #7, 22 August 2020
Issue #6, 8 August 2020

Published annually in the winter, the Record brings our alumni and supporters all important College news and updates, summarised in one densely packed publication.


Previous issues:

The Jesus College Record 2020
The Jesus College Record 2019
The Jesus College Record 2018
The Jesus College Record 2017 
The Jesus College Record 2016
The Jesus College Record 2015
The Jesus College Record 2014
The Jesus College Record 2013

This is a relatively new publication. The first issue was introduced in the summer of 2018 and is continuing to be published annually every summer. Jesus News celebrates the achievements of College and its members as each academic year draws to a close.


Previous Issues:

Jesus News 2020
Jesus News 2019
Jesus News 2018

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to thank our donors in this special report. Our latest publication covers the period from the start of financial year August 2018 to end of financial year Jul 2020: