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Telethon 2023 Results

2023 TELETHON: 13 – 26 MARCH


2500 alumni | 69 countries | 13 callers | 2 weeks | 1 important fund

Thank you to all who took the time to speak with us during our recent Spring Telethon. We’re delighted to let you know that more than 60% of the alumni our students called made a gift and we raised over £200,000 for the Development Fund, which will greatly benefit College and students here.

Thanks to this support, new studentships will be available for incoming and returning students next Michaelmas, our Access and Outreach team will be able to deliver more programmes like “Women in Science Day” and visit more schools, and current students will be able to use these funds for College arts projects and for new sports kit. The collective power of these donations makes an incredible difference to what we can do with the Development Fund.


In the video message which you can view here, Daniel Kuhrt (2022, BA History), Andrew Schwebel (2022, BA History and Politics) and Reuben Cooper (2019, BA Literae Humaniores) express their heartfelt appreciation to all alumni who answered their call and recall some of the most intriguing alumni stories shared along the way.

We hope you’re aware of just how much these gifts mean to our student community:

“The Development Fund provides vital unrestricted funding that is used to support current Jesus students in a number of ways. Most recently it has helped offset the cost of living crisis in Oxford, with nearly 30% of my fellow undergraduates receiving some form of a bursary. This financial support is life changing, and we are so grateful to the many Jesus alumni who give each year to this important fund. Thank you once again for supporting your College.”

(2021, BA Modern Languages and Linguistics)


And thank you to our 2023 Student Callers!


Franek Bednarski (2021, BA Literae Humaniores)

Hello! My name is Franek and I am a second year Classicist at Jesus. I really love the College and one of my favourite things about it is how welcoming the community is and how great of a range of activities and pursuits are supported and fostered by it.  Being engaged in learning Latin actively, a unique aspect of the College’s provision, has been incredibly enjoyable, as has going to all the events put on by the JCR and enjoying the wonderful library facilities provided.  I have really found a home at Jesus and it has been a pleasure seeing the College go from strength to strength.


Evelyn Byrne (2022, MMathCompSci Mathematics and Computer Science)

Hi, I’m Evelyn and I’m in my second year of studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Jesus. I’m so glad I ended up at this college – it’s such a supportive and welcoming community. Last year I was lucky enough to live in a double set overlooking second quad, not only did this provide a wonderful social space but being able to watch college life pass by made me realise what a unique place Jesus is. There’s such a diversity of opportunities available here, thanks to students at Jesus I’ve got involved with wild swimming (hashbrowns at brunch have never tasted so delicious than after a 5 degree dip!) and also been involved in planning the annual Turl Street Art Festival- I appreciate the space to continue my interest in the arts despite studying a STEM subject. Coming from a state school background I am eager to share these opportunities with as many people as possible and so this year I have become involved in outreach work with my department.


Reuben Cooper (2019, BA Literae Humaniores)

Hi, I’m Reuben, and I’m a third-year classics undergraduate. I’ve loved every second of my time at Jesus because of its friendly, communal and vibrant atmosphere. It is the best place to read Classics as the centre of ‘Active Latin’ and ‘Active Greek.’ I’ve also relished the chance to get involved in amateur dramatics with my role as the Earl of Warwick in Henry VI Parts 1,2 and 3. I’ve also enjoyed playing for the second football team against other colleges as a way to foster espirit du corps and college camaraderie. As an Open Day helper last summer, I could share my experiences at college and (hopefully!) inspire the next generation to apply for the best Turl St. college! It’s the people who make Jesus most of all. And I can think of no better place to study.


Fred Duffen (2022, MSc Digital Scholarship)

I’m Fred and I came to Jesus at the beginning of this academic year to undertake the (new!) MSc in Digital Scholarship. I’ve enjoyed all of the opportunities Jesus has had to offer, particularly in the way of the Digital Hub and the packed programme of events that have been put on in the new Cheng Kar Shun building. The MCR community at Jesus has been in equal parts welcoming and intellectually stimulating, making events such as ‘Cheese and Wine’ and ‘Welfare Brunch’ truly enjoyable occasions. Being a member of Jesus College Boat Club, I’ve seen very much first-hand the strength of the network of Jesus alumni, and the impact that they can make; both the charity row to London at the start of the academic year and the tideway training camp were supported and practically facilitated by members of the Boat Club in their time at Jesus.


Sam Freeman (2022, BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m a first year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Having grown up in Oswestry on the English/Welsh border I was inspired to apply to Jesus College by its historic connection to Wales and its ongoing outreach work with Welsh communities. My first two terms at Oxford have been an incredible experience, giving me the opportunity to really engage in the topics that have fascinated me since childhood. Away from the library I have gotten involved with the college football team, and have really appreciated the chance to continue my involvement in the sport as part of a fantastic group. Overall, I would have to say the best thing about Jesus is the friendly culture and community spirit throughout the college. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve formed some great bonds which have transformed my university experience.


Imogen Getzels (2022, MChem Chemistry)

Hi, I am Imogen and I am a first year studying chemistry. I love being part of Jesus College’s friendly community and the opportunities it has given me to pursue my hobbies alongside my studies, such as regularly performing in the college bar as a member of Jesus College Music Society. I often volunteer as a photographer for college events which allows me to socialise with other students whilst also doing something I love. Events such as tote bag painting and cupcake decorating have been very enjoyable and I hope to organise my own jewellery making workshops with the JCR next term. Every time I walk through college I am greeted with friendly faces and the wide range of study spaces allows me to complete my academic work comfortably.


Daniel Kuhrt (2022, BA History)

Hi, I’m Danny, and I’m in first year studying History. I am only two terms into life here but I am loving it – Jesus College has been so friendly, supporting and fun. I’ve found the academic environment really exciting, from the tutorials to the huge reading lists to the late night essay writing in the library. And there is an unbelievable amount to get involved with here. I’ve joined the tennis and cricket teams, played lacrosse and late-night ice hockey, been to plays and talks, and joined the T.E. Lawrence society (as well as the Hummus Appreciation Society!). I’ve loved working as a student ambassador showing school kids around Jesus, and from Trinity I am taking over as President of the Jesus College Christian Union which is exciting. There is a real community here which makes it so special – I have felt very at home!


Emily Manock (2019, Modern Languages – French)

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m a fourth-year French undergraduate. I’ve loved my time at Jesus because of its welcoming and communal spirit, and as a student with Cerebral Palsy this is really important to me. Jesus is a great college for French and having such a good support system within the college has really helped my studies. I’ve been lucky enough to represent Oxford at Blues level Varsity Swimming match this year as the only classified swimmer. Being involved with Equal Opps during my time at Jesus is something I’m really proud of, as making the college a better place for disabled students like me is something I’m passionate about!Jesus is the most welcoming place no matter what background you’re from and I’m always happy to tell people that it’s my college.


Himeno Niimi (2021, BA Modern Languages – French)

Hello, my name is Himmy and I am a second-year linguist studying French. I am also one of the resident organ scholars in college and an avid member of JESICE, a late-night ice hockey society. Jesus College continues to be known as the friendliest college and is probably why our choir attracts so many members from both Jesus and other colleges. I am very grateful for the opportunities and support college has offered me. For example, the choir received a travel grant for our summer choir tour to Florence. I also received a grant for my summer organ tour in Japan where I travelled from Fukuoka to Aomori and played on some beautiful concert hall organs. I love being a member of Jesus, and I will miss everyone when I go on my year abroad next year.


Jubeda Salam (2022, BA History)

Hi! My name is Jubeda and I am first year historian! Despite being in Jesus College for a few months, I have been able to get involved in numerous Access events and programmes which has been great. I have loved discussing my degree with prospective students, showing them around Oxford and help bridge the gaps which prevent state schools from applying to institutions like Oxford. Alongside this, my time at Oxford so far has allowed me to explore my interests outside of academics, particularly with Model United Nations. I have joined Oxford Global which is a society that invites students from all across the world to encourage them to take on the role of member states over the course of three days. This year we had 500 delegates from 19 different countries, and I was very pleased to be a part of such a successful event!


Andrew Schwebel (2022, BA History and Politics)

I am Andy, a first year doing History and Politics from Birmingham, Alabama, in the States. As an international student, starting university was a particularly big moment for me. I had to adjust to living in a new country, as well as university life. Thankfully, Jesus College has been the most welcoming environment. I have made some of the best friends of my life. Further, I am making myself as involved as possible in the Jesus community, for example by serving as Freshers’ Rep on the JCR committee and playing for the Jesus College Football Club. Only in a small and intimate community like Jesus could I so quickly become included. This is what I came to university for, and I haven’t regretted a moment.


Conrad Spencer (2022, BA Music)

Hi, I’m Conrad and I am in my first year studying Music at Jesus College, Oxford. My first few terms at Jesus (and Oxford) have been filled with amazing experiences. Jesus College has one of the most vibrant music scenes in Oxford despite its small size – I’ve never been at a place so filled with musical ongoings, which I’ve had the privilege of taking part in – ranging from Evensongs in Chapel to jazz and band events in the bar and symphony orchestras in the Sheldonian. As Organ Scholar I’ve taken responsibility in running the choir and organising choir tour happening later this year and have helped run the Jesus College Music Society. The musical happenings are supplemented by the everyday ridiculousness of Oxford life – all the essays one could hope for, some truly wonderful peers, and the occasional late night ice hockey session. There’s such a sense of community created across all these various activities which make Jesus College such a special place to study.


Hannah Tyler (2022, BA Geography)

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I’m a first year studying Geography. I have really enjoyed my first two terms at Jesus college, and have loved getting involved with the various activities it has to offer. I am particularly involved in the environmental side and have enjoyed helping out in events such as plant pot painting. Being a Welsh student myself, I am also grateful for the Welsh community here, and having the opportunity to celebrate events such as St David’s Day and to take part in Welsh-language carol services. I have also helped with access tours and have witnessed the access work that the college does with its link regions in Wales.


Every gift makes a difference, and we are so grateful for your time and consideration to take a call and support our students.

Please let us know if you would like to be excluded from the 2023 Telethon by contacting the Annual Giving Programmes Manager, Ted Levin: | +44 (0)1865 279740

We will honour your request to opt out before we begin calling.