Alumnus Sunder Katwala to give talk on patriotism and inclusivity

2 November 2023

As part of its Equality & Diversity events programme, Jesus College is delighted to be welcoming alumnus Sunder Katwala (1992, PPE) to give a talk on ‘Can Patriotism be Inclusive?’

Sunder is Director of British Future, an independent, non-partisan UK think-tank which works for ‘a confident and welcoming Britain, inclusive and fair to all’. He is the author of How to be a Patriot: Why love of country can end our very British culture war (HarperNorth 2023), which asks how we define patriotism in a diverse society, and offers a new perspective on understanding our collective identity. Drawing on the arguments of his book, Sunder will give a talk on whether patriotism can be supportive of a fair and inclusive society.

Sunder has previously worked as a journalist. He was general secretary of the Fabian Society think-tank from 2003 to 2011, and was previously a leader writer and internet editor at the Observer, a research director of the Foreign Policy Centre and commissioning editor for politics and economics at the publisher Macmillan.

His talk will be followed by a Q&A and drinks reception. This event is free and everyone is welcome to attend. For more information, and to book tickets, click on the link below.


This event is organised by the Jesus College Equality & Diversity Committee.