Aziz Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships

1 November 2023

Jesus College and the Aziz Foundation, one of the largest postgraduate funding bodies in the UK, have announced that the Foundation is to offer scholarships at the College as part of its flagship Masters Scholarship Programme.

The Scholarships Programme offers 100% tuition fee Masters scholarships to support British Muslims to study at UK universities, and is aimed at those who wish to advance their careers and bring about positive change to their communities, and beyond. Jesus is the first Oxford college to participate in the programme, and joins 38 other UK academic institutions who currently partner the scheme, including Wolfson College Cambridge, King’s College London, and the University of St Andrews.

With a shared ambition to foster diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities within higher education, the partnership between Jesus College and the Aziz Foundation aims to remove barriers, and support more British Muslim students to reach their full potential.

Up to three Aziz Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships will be available for each academic year. Each scholarship will cover the cost of tuition fees for full-time and part-time postgraduate courses at Oxford, in subjects which align with the Foundation’s priority areas, including the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences.

The announcement builds on the College’s successful access programme to encourage and support more young people from British Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds to apply to Oxford, and other leading universities.

Dr Matthew Williams, Access Fellow at Jesus College, says “We are delighted to be working with the Aziz Foundation to support British Muslim students wishing to pursue a postgraduate course here at Oxford, and at Jesus College. Providing access support to postgraduate students is a growing priority for the College, and part of our wider vision to inspire, encourage and support anyone with academic ability and potential to consider studying at Oxford or other leading universities in the UK and abroad.

The Aziz Foundation, a prominent charitable organisation committed to empowering British Muslims and promoting positive social change, shares a common vision of equal opportunities in education and beyond.

Ibrahim Mohammad is an Oxford alumnus and ambassador for the Aziz Foundation. He worked with Jesus College to launch the British Pakistani & British Bangladeshi Access Programme in 2021.


Ibrahim Mohammed, an Oxford alumnus and Aziz Foundation Ambassador, expressed his immense pride in the collaboration: “In 2021, as an Aziz Foundation Scholar, I worked with Jesus College to launch one of the largest access programmes targeted at British Pakistanis and British Bangladeshi undergraduates, and have since been actively involved in promoting inclusivity and access to Oxbridge. Two years later, I am impressed with Jesus College’s progress, and their dedication to supporting academically-gifted students from underrepresented groups and communities, including British Muslims.”

Furthermore, having been both an Aziz Foundation scholar and intern, I have witnessed the remarkable generosity and sustainable impact of the Aziz Foundation. Given this context, the collaboration feels natural.”

In addition to financial support, the scholarship recipients will have access to a range of resources, mentorship opportunities, and networking events provided by the Aziz Foundation. This comprehensive support system will enable them to thrive academically, develop leadership skills, and make a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole.

Applications for the Aziz Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships open in January 2024 and close in June 2024. Further details, including eligibility criteria and application procedures, can be found on the Aziz Foundation website here.


  • About the Aziz Foundation:

The Aziz Foundation, a charitable organization based in the UK, is dedicated to empowering young British Muslims by assisting them in obtaining postgraduate placements and internships. The Aziz Foundation strives to enhance opportunities for Muslims throughout the country. Since 2016, they have granted more than 560 scholarships, amounting to a total expenditure of £7.5 million on postgraduate education.