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Applicants with individual needs

Jesus College, as one of the constituent Colleges of the University of Oxford, supports the University’s aims in assisting staff and students with disabilities and specific access needs.

The University will work to remove any barriers, real or perceived, which might deter people of the highest quality from applying to Oxford, either as staff or students. It will also provide an inclusive environment for work and study through embedding diversity and equal opportunities in all areas of its activities, to ensure that staff and students experience a consistently inclusive and supportive environment to assist them in reaching their full potential.

At Jesus College, academic support for students with disabilities and specific access needs is co-ordinated within the Academic Office, under the aegis of the Academic Registrar and the Disability and Grants Officer. The Academic Office works with the University’s Disability Office to provide the information, advice and adjustments which applicants or students with disabilities may require. Those interested are advised to consult the web site of the Disability Office for the latest information on what assistance might be available. The College follows the University’s Common Framework on Supporting Disabled Students in supporting its students.

Typically, action can be taken under the following headings:

  • Adjustment in course and examination arrangements.
  • Adaptations to buildings.
  • Provision of special equipment and assistive technology.
  • Curriculum accessibility – strategies for alternative study methods.
  • Adjustments for specific disabilities and conditions – for instance, dyslexia, dyspraxia, visual impairment and hearing impairment.
  • Applying for disability-related funding, which current students have been able to use to fund IT equipment and support workers
  • Anyone who would like to discuss what assistance may be available under these or other headings is encouraged to contact the Academic Registrar (phone 01865 279720) in the first instance.