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Graduate Cultural, Sporting & Travel Funds

We have a wide variety of funds available to support current undergraduate and postgraduate students in pursuit of both academic and non-academic activities, such as academic travel and expeditions.

Many funds are generously donated by Old Members of the College, their families and friends. We thank them for their continued support. 

The Cultural, Sporting and Travel Grants Committee, under the Governing Body, covers both academic and non-academic activities.

The Cultural, Sporting and Travel Awards are:

  • Ann Ward Award

For academic travel to Africa (preference may be given those who wish to pursue study in the Horn of Africa).

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

The Ann Ward Fund was set up by Graham Ward, a former member of the College, to honour his wife, Ann Ward.

  • Bahram Dehqani-Tafti Travel Award

For travel in UK, particularly for music or drama.

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

The Bahram Dehqani-Tafti Memorial Fund was set up in 1981 in memory of Bahram Dehqani-Tafti. The Fund provides money for the educational purposes of current students, including prizes for meritorious work in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, travel awards and the Bahram Dehqani-Tafti Scholarship.

  • Baron Segal Award

For academic travel to Israel and the Middle East.

Who is eligible? Preference is given to Undergraduates, but Graduates may also apply.

The Baron Segal Fund was established to commemorate Lord Segal’s Honorary Fellowship and his chairmanship of the Old Members Building Appeal Committee. The bequest was received under the Will of the late Baron Segal of Wytham.

  • Bowers Award

For academic travel outside the UK (preference may be given for trips to USA).

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

The Bowers Fund was set up by Bryan Bowers, a former member of the College.

  • Charles Green Award

For academic travel outside the UK (preference may be given to Classics-related trips).

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

Trust Deed and Regulations of the Charles Green Fund were approved by the Governing Body in 1963.

  • David Rhys Award

For College clubs or societies; for group cultural or sporting activities.

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates in group applications but ONLY involving Jesus College members, not members of other Colleges.

The David Rhys Fund was set up in 2001 by Dr John Rhys, an Old Member of the College, to commemorate his grandfather, David Rhys, who read Mathematics at the College (1892-96) and his father David Wade Rhys, who read Chemistry here (1930-34). This fund offers grants to College clubs or societies, to support cultural or sporting activities of a communal nature, such as the staging of theatrical performances or concerts, on UK or overseas tours by College societies or sports teams. Please note that this fund is for applications by a group or team of students from the College: it is not suitable for individual applications for funding that do not involve other members of the College. Each group should submit one joint application.

  • McKenna Award

For academic travel outside the UK in the Humanities (preference for interdisciplinary projects which combine the study of more than one Humanities discipline).

Who is eligible? Undergraduates (except first years) and Graduates.

The McKenna Fund was set up by Norman McKenna, an Old Member of the College. “McKenna Awards shall be made for the purpose of travel in order to study any aspect, approved by the Governing Body, of the inter-relationships between Western art, architecture, literature and music – or some subject closely related thereto”.

  • Norman Ellis Award

For academic travel to Far East (preference may be given for trips to Sarawak or Borneo).

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

The Norman Ellis Fund was set up by Graham Ward, a former member of the College, in commemoration of the life and work of his grandfather, Norman Ellis.

  • Paul Paget Award

For field work in Geography.

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

The Paul Paget Fund was set up by Old Members of Jesus College, Pembroke College and by others, and given in memory of Ernest (Paul) Paget, a former Lecturer and Fellow of Jesus College and former Lecturer of Pembroke College.

  • Vaughan-Thomas Award

To support musical activities or other arts too, if funds permit

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

The Vaughan‑Thomas Fund was set up under the will of the late Mrs. Mary Vaughan‑Thomas in accordance with the joint wishes of herself and her husband the late Arthur Spencer Vaughan‑Thomas.

  • W.E. Nicholson Award

For academic travel outside the UK in Ethnology, particularly for Ethnography or Archaeology.

Who is eligible? Undergraduates and Graduates.

The W.E. Nicholson Fund was set up by William Ewart Nicholson, a member of the College from 1910 to 1913.

1. How do I apply?

Do not choose a fund you wish to apply to – instead just describe briefly your proposed activity or travel using the online application form, stating whether it is for academic or non-academic purposes. We will match your application to the most suitable fund available.

To apply for an award from any of these funds, please complete the online Cultural Sporting and Travel Grants Application Form.

It is your responsibility to check that your application meets the terms and conditions below before you submit it. Remember you can only apply for activities that take place after the end of the current term.

Note that an award from the P.W. Dodd Fund can only be granted once during your period of study at the College. Please indicate on your application if you wish your application to be considered for this award.

2. When can I apply?

The termly closing date for applications is 5.00pm on Wednesday of Fifth Week each term.

Activities must take place after Eighth Week of the term you submit your application.

3. When will I hear if I have been successful?

You will be notified whether or not you have been successful by email after the meeting of the Governing Body (on Wednesday of Eighth Week). An email notifying you if you have or have not been successful for each application will be sent out on the last day of term in Eighth Week.

4. How will I get the money?

Payment of awards is by BACS (i.e. electronic transfer into your nominated bank account), which will be transferred to your bank account on the date shown on your award letter. It will list which fund your award is from.

5. Do I need to submit a Trip Report?

Selected successful award-holders will be required as a condition of the award to submit a report of a page of A4 on your award to the Fellows’ Secretary by the deadline specified in your award letter, which may be edited for use in the annual Jesus College Record and/or sent to the donors of the funds where applicable. If a report is requested and you do not submit one, you will have to repay the award.

Any Queries

If you have any queries about the available funds or the application process, please contact the Fellows’ Secretary, Jolanta Sikora-Marques, on or (2)79698, or by calling at room III.2.

Please read the Terms and Conditions section before you apply.

  1. Retrospective applications are not permitted – i.e. the proposed dates of the travel/activity must be after Friday of Eighth Week in the term in which the application is made. You may apply each term for travel in any FUTURE period of that academic year.
  2. Only one application form per student will be considered, so please list all your trip applications on a single application form.
  3. Joint or group applications with other College members are allowed. To provide co-ordination, a single point of contact and to reduce paperwork, group applications are REQUIRED where the application concerns members of a club/clubs or society undertaking the same activity (e.g. for a choir or Doxbridge trip). In both cases only ONE online application form per group should be made, listing a main contact name from one of the applicants. Check that the fund you have selected allows joint applications and activities by groups of College members or with others from outside the College. If you are applying as an individual but other members of Jesus College will be on your trip/participating in the activity, please list them whether or not they are also applying for a travel/activity grant.
  4. Applications for funding of sports trips will be granted where sporting activities are the focus of the trip. Trips involving sports clubs where the focus is judged by the Travel Grants Committee to be predominantly social will not be funded.
  5. On undergraduate group applications, please list which of your group wish to apply for their Dodd Fund allocation.
  6. You may not receive more than one grant each term, except in exceptional circumstances. Rather than making multiple applications for a number of activities, it is advised that you prioritise one activity to apply for unless there is an exceptional reason (e.g. the Committee is willing to consider the case of a student who applies for an award to help support voluntary/charity work AS WELL AS a different type of activity such as an academic trip or sporting trip).
  7. Undergraduate finalists are not eligible for awards for activities which take place after 30th June of their final year, apart from those who hold an unconditional place to return to Jesus College for the following academic year for a new course of study. For postgraduate students, your travel or activity must normally be completed by the last day of your course (as listed on your University card). The Committee may at its discretion award grants to group applicants only, whose activities are deemed to make a significant contribution to College life where the activity takes place after 30th June (in the case of undergraduate finalists) or after the date shown on an individual’s University card (in the case of graduate students).
  8. You must use the money awarded for the trip you applied for – if your trip is cancelled or your plans change you must notify the Fellows’ Secretary promptly. There is no guarantee that you will still receive the original sum awarded.
  9. You cannot apply for an individual award on behalf of someone else.
  10. You must be a current student and not on suspended status.
  11. Preference may be given to those whose travel plans show enterprise and resource.
  12. Awards may be conditional upon you referring in your publicity/credits to the activities being supported and made possible by the fund awarding you the money.
  13. Hard-copy applications will not be accepted.
  14. Awards will only be valid for travel to countries/regions that are on the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s list of countries/regions which it considers safe to travel to/within. Countries/regions listed on the ‘do not travel’ section of the travel advice by country page of the FCDO website after the application has been submitted will not be considered for an award. If after an award has been granted, and up to and including the date of departure, the country advice changes to do not travel, the Committee shall ask for the return of the award monies.
  15. If you are successful, payment will be by bank transfer using BACS into your account on or after the date stated in your award letter. Please note that the College cannot be held responsible for delays in monies reaching your bank account once the payment has been processed by us. Please make sure you have alternative funds in place to tide you over for your trip if it takes place soon after the end of term, just in case there is any unforeseen delay in the monies reaching your account.
  16. It is your responsibility to take out comprehensive travel insurance, including specific evacuation/repatriation cover if recommended for that country/region by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. Your policy should include cover for any cancellation.
  17. Travel is at your own risk.
  18. Your application must, if for academic purposes, have your Faculty/Department’s approval and your College tutor’s approval.
  19. Applicants should note Bylaw 10.18:
    “(iii) In the exercise of its discretion in making recommendation, the Committee may consider the academic progress of any applicant, and, in particular, shall consider whether any applicant has been in neglect of his or her studies”. Therefore awards will not be made where a tutor advises the Committee of an applicant’s neglect of studies and/or if a student is in the process of being set a Special Collection or other academic discipline. Furthermore, awards will not be made to students who have been fined or given a non-financial penalty by the Dean within the last two terms.
  20. No grant shall be paid unless the recipient of the grant has either paid all monies due to the College at that date or, alternatively, shall have agreed with the Estates Bursar a scheme for repayment to the College of such monies.