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Research & writing-up allowances

We offer generous graduate research and writing-up allowances.

Research Allowances

Graduate students within fee liability, or in the fourth year of a DPhil at Jesus College may make applications for funds for academic purposes (such as attendance at a conference to deliver a paper or other research trips) up to 3 months before travel. Please note that the research allowance may not be used for the purchase of computers. The grant year runs from 1 August to 31 July, and allowances should be used in that academic year: they cannot usually be carried over into a subsequent year. The grant is currently worth £800 per year for full-time students (£400 per year for part-time students). Applications can only be made whilst students are on their course, not in the summer after completing an MPhil, for instance.

Graduate students are able to use part of the allowance to purchase books. The maximum claim for books is £400 (half of this amount for part-time students).

Applications setting out the purpose of the application and the costs expected to be incurred (including any funds obtained from other sources) should be addressed to the Academic Director, but sent in the first instance to the Graduate Administrator in the Academic Office in advance – i.e. before a trip, not after. A letter or email of support from the University Supervisor (not the College Advisor) is also required. This should be sent directly to at the same time as the application.

Writing-up Allowances

A Writing-Up Allowance is tenable to graduate students at Jesus College. Applications will be judged on their academic merit.

Who can apply?

All doctoral students in their 4th year, if unfunded, may apply for up to £1,000 to help with the costs of completing their doctorate.

How do I apply?

Applications should be made to the Academic Director, via the Graduate Administrator, setting out the costs expected to be incurred in their unfunded year. The supervisor will need to supply a reference confirming the student is in good academic standing and that the student is not in receipt of funding. The student must have passed their Confirmation of Status at the time of application. Those in the 5th year of a 4-year DTP/CDT/DTC programme are ineligible if the 5th year is as a result of the ongoing pandemic.