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How to apply

There are lots of things to do when you’re making your university application. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the process.

All candidates wishing to apply to Oxford must submit a UCAS application online. An application to Oxford will include:

  • GCSE and predicted A level grades (or equivalent)
  • A personal statement
  • A teacher’s reference
  • Contextual data
  • Admissions test results (if required)
  • Submitted written work (if required)
  • Interview performance

STEP 1 – Picking a course and checking the requirements

You can find a list of all courses offered by Oxford on the University’s website. Once you have decided on a course, you can view the admissions requirements and information on course structure on the course page.

STEP 2 – Choosing a college

You can either choose a college to apply to or you may make an open application. Candidates who make an open application will be assigned to a college or hall that has relatively fewer applications for your course in the year you apply.

STEP 3 – Admissions tests and written work

It is very important that you check whether your chosen course requires candidates to sit an admissions test. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they are registered for admissions tests by the deadline. Information on admissions tests, including how to register, can be viewed here.

Some courses require candidates to submit written work which must be original school or college work and marked by a teacher. Information on written work requirements can be found here.

STEP 4 – UCAS application

All candidates wishing to apply to Oxford must submit a UCAS application online.

Deferred Entry: Applications for deferred entry to Jesus College are accepted. You must apply for deferred entry at the time of application to Oxford: you cannot change your mind after an offer has been made. Please refer to departmental web sites for subject-specific advice. You should be aware that applicants who are offered places for deferred entry will generally be among the strongest of the cohort for their subject. We would not usually offer more than one deferred place per subject in order not to disadvantage the following year’s candidates. In some cases, an applicant for deferred entry may be offered a place for non-deferred entry instead. If you require any further advice, please contact the Admissions Officer.

STEP 5 – Interviews

Candidates who are shortlisted will be invited to Oxford for interviews in December. The interview timetable, as well as information on how to prepare for interviews and sample questions, are available on the University’s website. Dr Alexandra Lumbers, Academic Director for Jesus College, Oxford has also provided top tips on how to prepare.

STEP 6 – Decisions

Decisions will be communicated to candidates by post and through UCAS in January.