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On the basis of all the information available, we decide to make offers of places to about 100 students each year out of the 500-600 who apply.

Offers are usually made in January each year. Candidates may receive:

A conditional offer

If you receive an offer but have not yet completed all your current qualifications, your offer will be conditional on your achieving certain results (pre-qualification entry). Your place will be confirmed when you have completed your qualifications and if you have satisfied the conditions of the offer.

  • A Level: requirements range from AAA to A*A*A, depending on the course applied for. Select your course and look under the ‘entrance requirements’ tab for details including subject specific requirements
  • International Baccalaureate: a total of at least 40 points (including core points) is required, with scores of 7 in two subjects at the Higher Level, unless otherwise stated in the entrance requirements for your course
  • Other UK qualifications (information available here)
  • International qualifications (information available here)

If you have already met part or all of your conditions, you will be required to provide proof of these qualifications, in the form of transcripts or certificates, to the Admissions Officer in order for your place to be confirmed. Details will be included in your offer letter.

Please note that any offer may also include a requirement for evidence of proficiency in the English language.

An unconditional offer

If you have already completed your qualifications then you may be given an unconditional offer. This is for candidates whose examination results are already known and the results have been verified by the College (post-qualification entry). This means that there are no further academic conditions for you to meet, and your place is guaranteed so long as you complete all the necessary administrative steps.

For further information about types of offers, see the University’s website.

Who can request feedback?

Feedback on admissions decisions should be requested from the college which considered the application. It is only from the college to which you initially applied, or to which you were subsequently assigned as a result of making an open application or through reallocation, that you will receive feedback about the outcome of your application.

Please note that we will only respond to feedback requests from applicants. We will not provide feedback to an applicant’s parent or guardian (or another third party such as their academic referee). Applicants are welcome to share their feedback with their parent or guardian or school/college.

We will not provide feedback to applicants who have received an offer from Jesus College.

Is there a deadline to request feedback?

Yes. The deadline to request feedback from the College is 15 February in the year after the application was made.

How can I request feedback?

Applicants may request feedback on admissions decisions by making a request in writing to the Admissions Officer ( by 15 February. Please note that requests received before 31 December are treated as having been received on the day the College reopens after the New Year.

Where can I find further information?

Further information regarding feedback on admissions decisions can be viewed on the University’s website.