Working at Jesus College

Staff Testimonials

So what is it really like to work at Jesus College?

Below you’ll hear from just some of our ninety-plus staff, who describe what they most enjoy about working at the college.

If you are interested in working for Jesus College, please do send us your CV and let us know what type of role you are interested in. We can then contact you when something suitable becomes available.

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Access & Admissions Assistant

“Of the many things I enjoy about working at Jesus College is the support I have received for my personal progression. From day one, the people around me took an interest in my career goals, ambitions, and interests. The work I do is consistently tailored accordingly, so I’m never bored! Due to all the training and support I’ve received, I really feel like I’ve been invested in. As someone at the outset of my working life, that’s invaluable.”


Bar Supervisor

“The motivation and enjoyment in my job is the interaction with the students. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with and alongside them. Individually, and as group, they completely overturn the outdated stereotype of the Oxford student.”


IT & AV Officer

“Jesus College is a great place to work, and full of good people. I enjoy getting up in the morning. Even my kids have said that I seem really happy. I think that, in life, if you feel appreciated you’ll want to do a good job, and go the extra mile when it is needed. I certainly feel that way about working at Jesus College, and am looking forward to what the future holds.”



“The one driving force which makes me look forward to coming in to work at Jesus College is being part of a great team.

Not only within my immediate area of work in the kitchen but also the Front of House staff and the wider community of the College.

My journey into work and back home afterwards is much longer at the moment due to some roadworks blocking the direct route but once I am in, I am always pleased to catch up with my colleagues in person and being able to produce some interesting and varied dishes for everyone to enjoy.”