450th Anniversary

Welcome to our 450th Anniversary section

Celebrating Jesus College through the ages

Jesus College was founded in 1571, and last year we celebrated our 450th anniversary. We hosted many events and activities throughout the year, as well as our #Jesus450 digital exhibition ’12 Objects’ .

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Scroll down to find links to recordings of just some of the online events we hosted in 2021, and to view the beautiful College treasures that featured in the 12 Objects exhibition.

12 Objects

A digital exhibition of the College's treasures

12 Objects is a 450th Anniversary digital exhibition series which told Jesus College’s rich and vibrant story through some of the objects in our collection. Curated by a range of expert contributors, led by Helen Morag Fellow Professor Paulina Kewes and College Archivist Dr Robin Darwall-Smith, this series brings to life the stories of the people who have made the Jesus community what it is today. Each month we announced a new object, explored its history and gained a 21st Century perspective from one of our contributors.

Click here to view our 12 Objects exhibition.

450th Anniversary Store

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The Jesus College 450th Anniversary Store is still open if you would like to order the new illustrated College history Jesus College Oxford of Queene Elizabeth’s Foundation – The First 450 years’, and a selection of 450th Anniversary t-shirts and sweatshirts. Click here.