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Dr Janina Schupp

Roles and subjects

SOUTHWORKS Career Development Fellow of the Digital Hub



Academic Background

BA (CCCU), MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

Dr Janina Schupp is the SOUTHWORKS Career Development Fellow at Jesus College, where she leads the development of the college’s brand-new Digital Hub.

Previously, Janina was an Affiliated Lecturer in Architecture and the Moving Image at the University of Cambridge, where she also completed her MPhil in Screen Media and Cultures and PhD in Architecture. During this time, Janina held a British Research Council Fellowship at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, a Camargo Foundation Fellowship in France and a Visiting Scholarship at the University of Nanjing. Janina in addition recurrently works as a commercial film and television producer specialising in primetime documentary productions.

Research Interests

Janina’s research is highly interdisciplinary and explores how our urban existence is captured and shaped by screen media. She is particularly interested in the global challenges affecting urban environments and populations and how these can be analysed and responded to via moving images and digital technologies. Practical media production and the development of new digital methodologies are often part of Janina’s research approaches.

Her recent research, as part of the AHRC-funded CineMuseSpace project (2017-2020), the GCRF-funded CineGenus project (2019-2020) and the AHRC FERN network (2020-2022), explored how fiction films can provide knowledge about the everyday use of urban and domestic spaces in Europe, China, Japan, India, Africa and the USA.

As part of her college fellowship Janina currently examines the trends and impact of augmented urban spaces. She is also a Co-Investigator of the British Academy funded project ‘Imagining the Ordinary City: Arts, Placemaking and Everyday Urban Lives’.

Janina recently co-edited a book on The Everyday in Visual Culture (2022) and her latest chapters and articles feature in Screenworks (2022), The Journal of Architecture (2022), Screen (2021), Media and Mapping Practices in the Middle East and North Africa (2021), Cambridge Journal of China Studies (2019) and Forms of the Cinematic (2021).