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Dr Charly Treiber

Roles and subjects

Hugh Price Fellow in Neurobiology



Academic Background

Charly obtained a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at the University of Vienna, where he worked with Prof. David Keays at the IMP and investigated the neural basis of magnetoreception. He found that contrary to the long-standing theory at the time, pigeons do not contain magnetic material in their beaks.

He then moved to Oxford for a DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics at Trinity College and joined Scott Waddell’s lab, where his work focused on the role of transposon mobilization in the brain. He graduated in 2017 and continued his work in Scott’s lab a postdoctoral researcher.

In January 2022 he was awarded a 5-year ERC Starting grant to establish his own, independent research group at the new Biology Department in Oxford.

Research Interests

In his lab, Charly will combine state-of-the-art single-cell transcriptomics, in-vivo imaging and behavioural testing of fruit flies to investigate the impact of genomic variations on brain functions and behaviours.

He is currently recruiting and students and postdocs at all levels who are interested in studying complex brain functions and behavioural variation are strongly encouraged to get in touch with Charly.


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