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Dr Chris Dingwall-Jones

Roles and subjects




Chris is Chaplain of Jesus College. His role is to be here for all students and staff, regardless of faith – or absence thereof. He’s available to talk through difficulties and problems, to give advice, to discuss deep theological questions, or just to chat over coffee. As a member of the Welfare Team, he’s also able to signpost people to other areas of support if necessary.

He has a PhD is in Theatre and Performance Studies, looking at the representation of ‘madness’ in modern British theatre, and is keen to encourage the arts within College. If you have any ideas of events or performances you’d like to use Chapel for, do get in touch!

Chris has done not one but two Oxford undergrad degrees, in English and Theology, so understands the pressures and stresses of this way of learning, and the difficulties of balancing work and play when there’s so much to read, think about, and do.

Do get in touch by email at chaplain@jesus.ox.ac.uk, or telephone (01865 279757).