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Dr Clive Rodgers

Roles and subjects

Emeritus Fellow



Dr Clive Rodgers is an Emeritus Fellow and former Senior Research Fellow in Atmospheric Physics at Jesus College.

Academic Background

BA in Maths and Physics, University of Cambridge. PhD, Cambridge. Reader in Physics at Oxford until 2001, now retired but still research active.

Undergraduate Teaching

Subjects formerly taught include atmospheric physics and computing.

Postgraduate Teaching

Atmospheric physics.

Research Interests

Radiative transfer, molecular spectroscopy, the application of estimation theory to the inverse problem of radiative transfer, and the application of satellite data to stratospheric and mesospheric dynamics and chemistry.

Has been Co-Investigator on several Oxford satellite instruments, and most recently on two instruments flying on NASA’s Aura satellite of the Earth Observing System, the High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (Oxford and NCAR) and the Tropospheric Emission Sounder (JPL).

Charity Work and Hobbies

Involved with Kennington Overseas Aid, a village fund-raising organisation for overseas charities. Keeping fit through running, hiking and gardening. Has become a genealogy addict.


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