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Dr Gail Leckie

Roles and subjects

Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy



Academic Background

I studied for my doctorate at Oxford, where I also did the BPhil and an undergraduate degree in PPE (at Balliol).  I’ve taught at various Oxford colleges as well as Sussex and Reading and enjoyed two years as a postdoc in Leeds with Prof Robbie Williams.

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

  • Logic and General Philosophy for Prelims
  • Knowledge and Reality,
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • Feminism for FHS

Research Interests

Gail’s research focuses on issues in the philosophy of content, both the meaning of words in public language and the contents of intentional states.  She is currently working on an anti-individualist version of conceptual role semantics, which aims to capture the impact of testimony, expertise, and communication on content.  In the past, she has written about predicativist theories of proper names and about the individuation of words.