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Dr Jane Sherwood

Roles and subjects

Supernumerary Fellow



Dr Jane Sherwood is a Supernumerary Fellow of Jesus College and Head of Administration and Finance of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine.

Academic and Professional Background

I am the Head of Administration and Finance of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, which is a large, multi-disciplinary department, aiming to tackle some of the world’s biggest health challenges by integrating innovative basic biology with cutting edge clinical research. I work closely with the Head of Department and his senior team on policy, strategic planning, development, growth and sustainability, whilst leading the Department’s professional services staff to provide highly effective support for all the Department’s operations.

My association with Jesus College began in 2003, when I joined the College as its first full-time Senior Tutor (which also incorporated the roles of Tutor for Admissions and Tutor for Graduates) and Official Fellow. I was elected a Hugh Price Fellow when I left that post in 2009, and then elected a Supernumerary Fellow in 2018.

I read Classics as an undergraduate at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, followed by a DPhil in Ancient History. I then lectured in Classics and Ancient History at Royal Holloway, University of London, and worked as a research assistant, before joining the University Administration and Services at Oxford. I held a variety of posts, and was Deputy Head of Planning before joining the College as Senior Tutor in 2003-2009. Since then I have been the University’s Director of Graduate Admissions and Funding (2009-2016), Director of the Oxford Learning Institute (2016-18),  Director of the Oxford University Language Centre (2016-2022) and Lead for Student Experience with the University’s Academic Administration Division.