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Dr Katharina Ereky-Stevens

Roles and subjects

Junior Research Fellow in Education



Academic Background

Mag.Phil. (equivalent of UK BA + MA)

Combined Study: Educational Studies and Psychology

University of Vienna, Austria.


Developmental Psychology

Educational Studies, University of Oxford, U.K.

Undergraduate Teaching

Social cognition in child development

Adult- and peer interactions in early years settings

Statistics for social sciences

Early years pedagogies

Postgraduate Teaching

Early years interventions

Research Interests

Katharina is a member of the Child Development and Learning research group and the Rees centre at the Department of Education. Katharina has expertise child development and wellbeing in the early years, including age zero to three. Her main areas of research are the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and parent support. She has a particular interest in supporting the development of children facing disadvantage, and has done research with families in poverty, children with refugee backgrounds, and culturally and linguistically diverse families. Katharina’s work focuses on practice as well as policy. She has worked on national and international projects and has collaborated with partners in countries across Europe and in Malaysia. She has experience with quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods (including RCT-, longitudinal-, case study-, survey-, design-based-, and ethnographic research).

Her work on previous research projects addressed research questions related to ECEC access, -quality-, and curriculum, and the impact of ECEC environments and adult-child interactions on early child development, including language development. Her current work focuses on early communication supporting environments, with research questions addressing adult strategies to support speech, language and communication development, and the identification of early concerns around children’s speech, language and communication support and development. In addition, Katharina is currently starting a research study on children’s movement play in ECEC as a context for advancing early self-regulation skills.

Selected Publications

  • Ereky-Stevens, K., Siraj, I., Kong, K. (2023). A critical review of the research evidence on early childhood education and care in refugee contexts in low- and middle-income countries, International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy.
  • Ereky-Stevens, K., Pastori, G., Sidiropulu-Janku, K., Sarcinelli, A.S., Schuenke, J., Trauernicht, M., Pagani, V., Mangiatordi, A. (2022). Implementation of ICT-facilitated parent- and family-focused interventions in culturally and linguistically diverse contexts, Frühe Bildung, 11(1), 29-36.
  • Lindorff, A., Sylva, K., Ereky-Stevens, K., Joseph, A. (2022). Coaching Early Conversation, Interaction and Language (CECIL) Impact evaluation. London: Report submitted to the Sutton Trust.
  • Wolf, K., Broekhuizzen, M.L., Moser, T., Ereky-Stevens, K., Anders, Y. (2020). Determinants of early attendance of ECEC for families with a Turkish migration background in four European countries. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 28, 77-89.
  • Ereky-Stevens, K., Funder, A., Katschnig, T., Malmberg, L-E., Datler, W. (2018). Relationship building between toddlers and new caregivers in out-of-home childcare: Attachment security and caregiver sensitivity, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 42, 270-279.
  • Mathers, S., Sylva, K., Eisenstadt, N., Soukakou, E., Ereky-Stevens, K. (2014). Supporting early learning for children under three: Research and practice, Journal of Children’s Services, 9(2), 177-187.
  • Ereky-Stevens, K. (2008). Associations between mothers’ sensitivity to their infants’ internal states and children’s later understanding of mind and emotion, Infant and Child Development, 17(5), 527-543.


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