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Dr Moreed Arbabzadah

Roles and subjects

Hugh Price Fellow in Celtic History



Academic Background

I completed my BA, MPhil and PhD in Classics at Jesus College, Cambridge, after which I began focussing on Medieval Latin. I have recently been working with Professor Elisabeth van Houts (Cambridge), Professor Ad Putter (Bristol) and Dr Sjoerd Levelt (Bristol) on a Leverhulme Trust project that explores contacts between Dutch and English speakers in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, titled ‘The Literary Heritage of Anglo-Dutch Relations, c. 1050–c. 1600’. Since October 2022 I have been working on a Leverhulme Trust project on the writings of Gerald of Wales alongside Professor Thomas Charles-Edwards (Jesus, Oxford) and Professor Paul Russell (Cambridge).

Undergraduate Teaching

Latin language

Ancient Greek language


Magic in the Ancient World

Research Interests

I am interested in anything that involves Latin and Ancient Greek. Although my most recent work is on Medieval Latin, I have a long-standing interest in the study of magic in the ancient world.

Other Interests

I play the violin to a low standard, though many people wrongly think I am being modest when I tell them. I enjoy most sports, with football, cricket and hockey occupying my weekends, depending on the time of year.


A CV with a list of publications can be found on my Academia.edu page.

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