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Dr Oiwi Parker Jones

Roles and subjects

Hugh Price Fellow in Computer Science



Academic Background

I did my doctoral research in Oxford on NLP (Natural Language Processing) with a focus on the application of machine learning to endangered languages. From there I trained as a neuroscientist at University College London and in Oxford. I have recently made a strategic move into robotics, with the aim of creating working neural prosthetics. My research spans the fields of computer science and engineering, neuroscience, language and speech.

Undergraduate Teaching

I can offer tutorials in machine learning, neuroscience, linguistics and phonetics. I am also a stipendiary lecturer in neuroscience at St Peter’s College and teach neuroscience to medical students at Oriel College.

Postgraduate Teaching

I have done graduate-level teaching in machine learning, neuroscience, linguistics and phonetics. I currently support about a dozen DPhil projects in machine learning and robotics within the Department of Engineering Science, where I am a member of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab and Oxford Robotics Institute.

Research Interests

My primary research interest is in the development of neural speech prosthetic. This includes basic research on speech and language in the brain, including work on clinical populations. It also includes the innovation of powerful new deep learning methods for smaller data regimes (e.g. generative and hybrid models).


In my free time I write about Hawaiian and other Polynesian languages (e.g. Māori and Maritime Polynesian Pidgin). I enjoy surfing.

Other Information

My first name is Hawaiian and pronounced [ˌʔoː.ˈi.vi]. It sounds like naming each of the letters ‘O.E.V.’. My surname is Parker Jones (no hyphen).


See Google Scholar website.