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Francesca Arduini

Roles and subjects

Stipendiary Lecturer in Economics



Academic Background

BA (Hons), MPhil

Francesca studied at Oxford, where she was awarded a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and then an MPhil in Economics.

She is currently an ESRC scholar at UCL, where she is undertaking her doctoral research in applied microeconomics. Francesca is also an IFS PhD Scholar.

As well as teaching at Jesus, Francesca has taught at Magdalen College, Oxford.

Undergraduate Teaching

Microeconomics, Game Theory, Quantitative Economics, Econometrics

Research Interests

Applied Microeconomics, Household Economics, Labour Economics, Game Theory, Industrial Organisation, Competition Economics

Other Interests

Policy. Currently focusing on UK parental leave policy


Reading, walking in nature, cooking


See also Francesca’s full CV.


Francesca’s research on parental leave has led her to start a petition to reform the current UK system. Read more about it here and sign the petition here.

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