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Dr Nicole Eichert

Roles and subjects

Junior Research Fellow in Experimental Psychology



Academic Background

For my BSc degree, I studied Molecular Medicine in Tübingen, Germany, and also spent a year at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Then, I became interested in Neuroscience and studied for a MSc in Neural and Behavioural Sciences in Tübingen. During my MSc thesis, I joined the Max Planck Institute in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, for a Psycholinguistics project. Afterwards, I joined the Wellcome Trust 1+3 PhD programme in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. Following my PhD, I worked for an Oxford-based company as Biomarker Scientist. In 2022, I started a Sir Henry Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, working on a collaborative project with McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Postgraduate Teaching

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Graduate Programme

Research Interests

Neuroimaging, brain evolution, speech, language, memory, brain connectivity, comparative neuroscience, neuroanatomy


See also Nicole’s WIN page and Google Scholar publications.