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Professor Svitlana Slava

Roles and subjects

Supernumerary Fellow



Academic Background

Svitlana Slava both graduated from and completed her Ph.D in Economics, Planning and Management of National Economy and its Industries at National Transport University (Kyiv). She defended her thesis at National University of Construction and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine. After that, Professor Slava has been working at Uzhhorod National University, Transcarpathia, Ukraine, where she teaches courses for undergraduates and postgraduates and is a scientific advisor for Ph.D. students at the Department of Economy and Entrepreneurship.

She got numerous awards from Transcarpathia Regional Administration and Uzhhorod National University. She was also awarded by Fulbright Senior Research Program, International Research and Exchange Program, and Salzburg Leadership Program (all from USA).

Undergraduate Teaching

Economics of Enterprise, Management

Postgraduate Teaching

Strategic Management

Research Interests

Her research interests are strategic and structural economic transformations, adjustments during / after crises, regional economic and sustainable development, economics of enterprise (various issues), innovations and knowledge triangle.

Svitlana Slava carried out numerous applied projects for governmental bodies, university and business in Ukraine; she also got an extended international experience continuously working on the projects within the frameworks of the GB, EU, US and Canada sponsored programs.

She is an author of more than 100 publications, including ones in well-known international journals: Sustainability, Regional Studies, Global networks, Environment and Planning А, Public Management.

Other  Interests

Her personal hobbies are travelling and cultural learning, languages, history and language of Rusyns (located in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and Croatia), hiking, sightseeing of nature’s beauty, attending art and music events, painting, photography, and cooking.

As a part of her volunteering work, she is a member of the Joint Committee for a partnership between two small towns in GB and Ukraine, mainly aiming at promoting the school students’ cultural and language learning.