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Professor Tim Coulson

Roles and subjects

Professorial Fellow in Zoology



Academic Background

BSc (Ebor), PhD (Imperial College), DIC (Diploma of Imperial College)

Professor Tim Coulson obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of York, and a PhD from Imperial College, London. He was Associate Head of Department of Zoology, and is now Head of Department of Biology, Oxford.

Undergraduate Teaching

Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation.

Postgraduate Teaching

Ecology, Evolution, Mathematical biology.

Research Interests

I am interested in the ecological and evolutionary consequences of adding or removing apex predators from ecosystems. I do this using mathematics to marry ecological and evolutionary theory that I then test through observation and experimentation. I do this because I am interested in how populations, communities and ecosystems respond to environmental change in both the short term and over longer periods of time.  My approach is to develop models that link population ecology with evolutionary genetics. I parameterise these models using data collected from field or laboratory systems before analysing them with either numerical or analytical methods. I have worked with systems spanning invertebrates, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.


See Professor Coulson’s personal academic website, and his departmental webpage on the Department of Biology website.