Philip Burrows elected Chair of High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider Collaboration Board

31 October 2022

Congratulations to Professor Philip Burrows, Senior Research Fellow in Physics at Jesus College, who has been elected Collaboration Board Chair of the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) Collaboration.

Philip, who is Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford and Director of the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, was elected at the HL-LHC Collaboration meeting in September 2022 in Uppsala, Sweden.

Caucasian man smiling at camera, with brown short hair and wearing a pink shirt

Professor Philip Burrows, Senior Research Fellow in Physics


The HL-LHC project aims to increase the performance of the LHC in order to increase the potential for discoveries after 2029. The objective is to increase the integrated luminosity by a factor of 10 beyond the LHC’s design value. The project is led by CERN with the support of an international collaboration of 44 institutions in 20 countries – the vast majority in various European countries including Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom – and including a number of CERN’s non-Member States such as the United States, Japan and Canada. Philip, who will chair the Board for an initial period of two years, says: “The High-Luminosity LHC is the flagship global particle physics collider project; it’s a huge privilege to be able to help steer the Collaboration towards achieving the ambitious technical goals that will underpin particle physics research into the 2030s and beyond”.