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Feedback from Jesus College

Who can request feedback?

Feedback on admissions decisions should be requested from the College which considered the application. It is only from the College to which you initially applied, or to which you were subsequently assigned as a result of making an open application or through reallocation, that you will receive feedback about the outcome of your application.

Please note that we will only respond to feedback requests from applicants. We will not provide feedback to an applicant’s parent or guardian (or another third party such as their academic referee). Applicants are welcome to share their feedback with their parent or guardian or school/college.

Feedback will not be provided to candidates that have received an offer of a place.

Is there a deadline to request feedback?

Yes. The deadline to request feedback from the College is 15 February in the year after the application was made. Requests received after 15 February will not be processed.

How can I request feedback?

Applicants may request feedback on admissions decisions by submitting an online request by 15 February. Please note that requests received before 31 December are treated as having been received on the day the College reopens after the New Year.

Where can I find further information?

Further information regarding feedback on admissions decisions can be viewed on the University’s website.